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  • Страна: Китайская Народная Республика
  • Cайт: http://ixtus.io/
  • Размещено: 02.07.2018 18:26
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We want our preschool children to enjoy observing, exploring and discovering the world. To cultivate thinking and life-long learners, we need to nurture our children to learn to think and to think to learn from an early age.
Technological advancements have opened up novel vistas for their use in creating educational platforms that have evolved over the years to engage learners through their fascinating features. “Little Detective” is an interactive edutainment concept that promises to eclipse other multimedia education formats given its unique selling propositions.
The specially designed curriculum adheres to the Kindergarten Curriculum Framework developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Other than giving children the important head start in our technology-driven society, the platform also motivates children to develop motor and speech skills through its interactive nature. The curriculum is also designed to exercise the whole brain, with differentiated challenges to stimulate creative thought processing and decision-making. The increasing complexity of the activities will motivate children to strive for the next level and maximize their potential.
Through role-modeling, the main character in “Little Detective”, Tim, can help children to self-manage and develop positive attitudes towards learning from a young age. The interaction among the characters will also encourage children to hone their communication and social skills. As the children strengthen their foundational literacy and numeracy skills through the product, their confidence will blossom and they will be eager to learn new things and gain more knowledge.
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ICO End: 02.09.2018


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